Who am I?


Hello, I am Aadil Maan.

I'm a Technical Program Manager by profession, Technologist by nature, Photographer because I love it. In between all this, I invest in game changing tech startups. I have been in the technology space for close to a decade. 

I started out at Blackberry (learnt a bunch of cool stuff), went on to Apple (did a whole bunch of cool stuff), did a tour of duty at Google (did even more cool stuff) and now a Program Director, Privacy, Digital at Nike (doing really cool stuff)

Startup Investment

In my spare time, I try to give back to the tech community as much as I can in any way I can. Of late, startup investing has been my choice of return. Here is list my investments so far.

I am always open to hearing new ideas. If you have a pitch deck or want to share an idea, reach out to me.

Side Projects

Visuals By Maan - Photography is a hobby; if it was anything else, I would hate it. 

Oregon Venture Fund (Investor LP - 2019)